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Ind3X Exchange Platform is

A new Global Crytocurrencies Exchange Platform focus on offering highest security advancement and have the lowest transactions fees of only 0.03%.


Offering many features:


  • User friendly and intuitive interface to both beginner and professional traders. Have day and night switch mode. Interface have basic, advance or professional.
  • Highest security protection against phishing and hackers by implementing dual 2FA (Google and Hydrogen), E-mail, SMS, fingerprint technology, voice authentication technique and most advanced facial recognition technology.
  • Lowest transactions fees in the market of only 0.03%. Plus for premium or VIP members even get 0% transactions fees if holding certain amount of $Ind3X Token.
  • Fast and easy trading experiences with capability to place market order, limit order, stop loss order.
  • Have built-in secure wallet by using cold storage to store at least 95% of cryptocurrencies assets hold in the exchange by our traders.
  • Have BTC, ETH, BCH, US$, IDR, SIN$ trading pairs.
  • Free listing for a year for cryptocurrencies.

Hydrogen 2Fa


Cold Storage


Facial Recognition Tech


Low Transaction Fee

low transaction fees

Our Management Teams

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James Thamrin

CEO – Founder

Vivian Shu

Sales and Marketing Director

Jimmy Nguyen


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